Mens Boots Styles

Mens Boots Styles

Boots are the shoes of choice when the days get cold, but many people can’t decide what type to buy. Some don’t even know that there are various types of mens boots. For those people, here is the guide to figure all of that out for good.

The Cap Toe

This falls under the category of a dress boot. They look just like your dress shoes, except it is a boot to keep your feet, and ankles warm and toasty on those chilly days. They look sleek and match everything from the suit with a nice pair of dockers and a shirt for business casual days. Brand House Direct

The Wingtip Boot

This is an awesome choice for anyone that has dealt with that desire for the “college rugged look.” It’s a great choice. It is considered casual, but can work for any business casual wear as well.

Suede Mens Boots

These are fabulous for those areas that are also a bit colder and allow you to wear a casual boot. it can even be used in a casual business environment. They are well built and offer one of the best looks for those chilly autumn days. They have a unique look to them and are loved by many guys looking for that distinguished look.

Chukka Boot

This is an original style that has been a favorite boot for years. It is a soft shoe that laces up. This one is really nice when paired with a pair of pants that are flannel when it’s cold out.

Harness Boot

Typically worn by cowboys and others that need a leather boot that is tough, these mens boots have made their way to the business casual scene. They look fabulous when paired with a pair of jeans or any other rugged pants.

Work Mens Boots

These are well known to most men. They are rugged as a boot jets and they offer the feet the warmth and protection that they need. They are an excellent choice for many.

The Rocker Boot

If you are looking to rock those skinny jeans, then the rocker boot is perfect. A bit on the feminine side, most of the rocker mens boots pair best with jeans or leather.

The Cowboy Boot

Those cowboys out there might be familiar with this next style. Commonly referred to as the cowboy boot, they are the perfect selection for anyone that is looking for a pair of mens boots that work all year long. They protect the feet and ankles from many dangers in work or play.

The Alpine Boot

This one is specifically for the cold and wet winter days. They have trodden built into the sole of the shoe. The traction keeps you from slipping and can be used for hikes as well.

Any of these mens boots, work great for any man that wants to keep their feet well protected and warmer when they head out. The selection of styles offers something for any man out there today. The only question is: what color should you buy?

Nostalgic Mary Jane Shoes

Stylish and Nostalgic Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes are a rather fascinating concept. They’ve been tried and true footwear staples in closest all across the globe for a long time now. You may have older family members who used to wear Mary Jane shoes back in their high school days. You may have younger family members who enthusiastically wear them nowadays as well. It’s easy to understand why Mary Jane shoes have so many loyal followers all around the planet. Mary Jane shoes bring so many great things to the table. If you have a penchant for footwear that’s comfortable, convenient and cool, there are few options that can hold a candle to Mary Jane shoes. Some people may even say that there aren’t any options that can come close to them.

Mary Jane shoes are pretty and cute. Despite that, they’re never overly girlish. They have a subtle type of femininity that’s quite difficult to resist. If you like closed footwear options that never are too girly or delicate, you should explore the world of Mary Jane shoes as soon as possible.

It’s not hard to walk around in Mary Janes, either. It can be a pain to walk in high heels of all varieties. It can be a serious hassle to walk in espadrilles, too. If you like the idea of shoes that will never give you persistent aches and pains, then Mary Janes may be the perfect match for your lifestyle. These shoes can be excellent choices for people who do a lot of walking. If you regularly walk to and from the train or bus station in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t have an issue with Mary Janes. If you’re a waitress who works the day shift at a busy and popular restaurant in the middle of town, you shouldn’t have trouble with them at all, either. These aren’t the kinds of shoes that typically cause blisters, sores and beyond.

Mary Janes can be great closet additions for anyone. It doesn’t matter what your usual style is, either. If you’re a gal who is fond of Bohemian attire, Brand House Direct Mary Jane Shoes should look wonderful on you. If you’re a gal who is fond of sleek, contemporary and futuristic apparel looks, Mary Janes should appear equally wonderful on you. These shoes add a little extra something to all kinds of outfits. You can pair them with dresses of all kinds. You can pair them with shorts, jeans, skirts and culottes as well. The options are truly abundant and exciting. People who wear Mary Janes don’t ever have to sacrifice high fashion. These are footwear options that will never cramp your style even for a second.

If you want to buy Mary Janes with full success, you should try them on beforehand whenever possible. You want to make sure to put your money toward Mary Janes that fit your feet perfectly. Mary Janes that fit correctly can feel like a dream. They can give you years and years of dependable and consistent wear as well.

Women’s Sandals

Women’s Sandals

When the temperature rises and the sun shines hot, it’s time for some fun or fancy sandals. Women’s sandals come in a plethora of styles and colors – perfect for any wardrobe or event. Wear your sandals at the beach or on the cruise ship. Dress them up or keep them nearly nude and discreet – whatever your outfit calls for, there is a pair of sandals to compliment the look.


Lace-ups, thongs, wedges and flats are just some of the varieties of womens sandals available for those sultry summer days. Lace-ups are exactly what they imply – the sandals have straps that can be laced up your calf or ankle for an exotic and sexy look.

Thongs are your flip-flop type of sandals, with a vee-strap that meets between the first and second toe.

Wedges have added height due to the solid ‘wedge’ under the heel of your foot.

Flats have no heel. These shoes are perfect for casual everyday wear.

So Much Selection

Within the basic styles there are unlimited options. Thongs can be jeweled with summery stones in deep, rich colors. Lace-ups can be made from lace for elegant summer weddings. Wedges can go high or low, depending on the length of your maxi dress. Flats can be made with bold colors or tropical tones. Prices can vary as widely as the selection depending on name brands, sale prices, and materials.

womens sandals online

Get the Best Prices

For some women, a beach outfit is not complete without matching sandals. Maybe your MK bag looks naked without the MK shoes. Instead of spending full price, look for sale prices on your favorite women’s sandals. Wait for Memorial Day sales. Look online for coupons and discounts. With a little diligence, you can save money on your favorite looks and designer names.

Women’s Sandals

If you are not sure what you like, or even what is available and trendy this year, look online. Simple Google searches will yield endless options. Popular colors and styles, extra wide widths, narrow selections and larger or smaller sizes can be found quickly online. Sizing charts will help you to get the right fit, no matter where you purchase your shoes.

Go with a big wedge to pull off that great maxi dress. Pair up some sparkling thongs with your bikini for a head-turning look. High heels with a great pedicure will draw attention to your feet and legs. There is a fantastic pair of women’s sandals for every woman, for every look.

The Perfect Pair Of Sandals Online

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Sandals Online

At last, summer is right around the corner! While you’re probably excited to put on a new pair of sandals and let your feet enjoy the sunshine too, you might not be thrilled about going shopping for them. Luckily, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of home if you buy sandals online! If you’re feeling doubtful about buying Womens Sandals Online at Brand House Direct if you’ve never seen them in person, here is a quick guide to help you find a pair you’ll love.

1. After looking through the sandal photos on the retail website and choosing one you think you’d like, read the descriptions of the materials and colours. Sometimes photos can be misleading, and this way you will be able to get a better idea of how the material might feel on your feet. If the retail website does not include options for customer photos to help you judge the colour, you can also search for images of the shoe on sites like Google, Pinterest, or eBay, where other customers may have posted real pictures of the sandals online that aren’t taken with special lighting or editing.

2. If you are buying sandals online from a store where you already know your correct size, getting the right fit should be easy. If you’re buying sandals online from a new retailer, measure your feet according to their sizing guidelines. All of us have one foot that is slightly larger than the other, so it’s important to go with the measurement of the larger foot. Many retail websites also include customer reviews which can be great in helping you determine if a particular style of sandals online or brand runs large, wide, small, or true to size. If you are not able to find this information on the website, a quick Internet search can also help you find out more about the fit of the shoe.

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3. When buying sandals online, make sure that the retailer has a fair return policy that works for you. Hopefully, your sandals will be comfortable and fit well, but it reassuring to know that it won’t be a hassle to return or exchange them if they’re not right. Try on your sandals inside on a clean floor as soon as they arrive so that you’ll be within the return period if for whatever reason the sandals don’t work for you. Leave on all stickers and tags when you try them on too, just in case.

Hopefully, though, they are the right colour and material and you were able to get the right size when you bought your sandals online. You’ll be able to remove those tags and stickers and go enjoy the sunny weather in your new shoes!

Look Great in Women’s Sandals

Look Great in Women’s Sandals

We all need shoes, and women are drawn to beautiful things. For most ladies, women’s sandals are an exciting topic. Shoes can reveal several things about a woman’s personality. You can find out her favorite colors and styles. When women read magazines, they see the latest styles and seasonable colors. Designer shoes can be purchased online or at brick and mortar retail stores. Sometimes, sandals are a necessity. Women do not want sand in their sneakers. If you are planning a trip to the beach, you need a cute pair of women’s sandals.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Like all accessories, women should own several pairs of sandals. In the summer, you can find a large selection of affordable women’s sandals. You can wear sandals with dressy or casual shoes. You can wear women’s sandals to a summer wedding or a summer concert. Regardless of the occasion, you can find a few pairs of stylish shoes for any event. Womens Sandals

Embellished Flat Sandals

Women’s sandals can complement any outfit. You can exude femininity when you wear a pair of artsy shoes. A pair of embellished sandals will look great with jeans. Flat sandals also look great with shorts. If you want a more sophisticated vibe, you can wear flat women’s sandals with a skirt or casual dress.

womens sandals online

Heeled and Wedge Sandals

Most nurses keep their feet cool with wedge shoes in the summer. If your boss allows sandals in the workplace, you can wear a pair of strappy heels to the office. Strappy sandals look great in neutral tones. When you leave the office, you can wear a pair of metallic heels to a party.

Athletic Sandals

When you want to enjoy the outdoors, you should wear a comfortable pair of women’s athletic sandals. Sometimes, the weather is too warm for sneakers. Athletic women’s sandals are practical walking shoes. You can walk around your neighborhood, or you can hike a short distance in a pair of athletic sandals.

The shoes should be made from quality materials. Leather women’s sandals are breathable, and the material will not irritate your feet. Polyurethane material is great for water activities. If your feet sweat, you should make sure that the shoes have absorbent soles. The shoes should be lined with soft materials. You should avoid cheap materials that irritate your ankles and toes. Cheap materials can blister your feet.